HyFlex's Strong Start Program is designed to give young adults a head start in the manufacturing industry. This program offers a unique blend of hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge to prepare participants for the challenges of real-world manufacturing.


Gain insight into the key components of our StrongStart Program, including specialized MIG welding training, ERP system exposure, and practical application of classroom learning.


Building Soft Skills: Enhance communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management skills through practical experience.

Real-world Application: Bridge the gap between theory and practice, gaining valuable insights into manufacturing processes.

ERP System: Learn to use an Enterprise Resource Planning system, gaining exposure to work-related information and tracking.


The structure of the program includes the interview process, mentorship, supervision, and progress tracking.

  • AO0A8648

    Interview Process:

    Undergo a comprehensive interview process designed to enhance interview skills and understanding of vocational requirements.

  • AO0A9032

    Mentorship & Supervision:

    Receive guidance, support, and feedback from assigned mentors and supervisors.

  • AO0A8619-1

    Progress Reports:

    Track your development and achievements through regular progress reports.


Explore the benefits of joining the Strong Start Program, including a flexible schedule, exposure to various manufacturing areas, networking opportunities, and career development.

Flexible Schedule:

Enjoy a flexible 4-10 schedule to balance work and other commitments.

Exposure to Various Areas:

Gain exposure to CNC machinery, robotic welding, and training in MIG welding, which are crucial skills in the manufacturing industry. Additionally, gain experience in TIG welding, aluminum welding, engineering, quality control, and other facets of manufacturing.

Networking Opportunities:

Network with industry professionals to expand your professional connections.

Development & Certificate

Gain insights into career pathways in the manufacturing industry.

+ Receive a certificate recognizing your achievements upon successful completion.

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