Production Capabilities


Laser Cutting

General Capabilities

  • 2 Lasers with automated loading and unloading for lights out operation
    • 10 kw Bystronic Bystar Fiber laser w/ load/unload and large part separation automation
    • 6 kw Bystronic Bysprint Fiber laser w/ load/unload and large part separation automation
  • 5’ x 10’ x 1” capacity
  • Automated quote-to-cut order entry

Fiber Laser

Fiber lasers are the newest development in laser cutting. The laser beam is created by an active fiber and transmitted over a transport fiber to the machine cutting head. Fiber lasers are significantly smaller than CO2 lasers and generate twice as much power from the same amount of current.

Global Shop ERP System

All of our lasers are connected to our Global Shop ERP system for lights out operation. PO to cutting takes less than 10 minutes regardless of how many lines are on the order. Hundreds of parts can be entered into the system and be available to cut at any time. This system allows late Friday orders and early Monday deliveries.


Milling & Turning

  • Haas VF2 CNC: Vertical machining center, X – 30” x Y – 16” x Z – 20” travel, 30 HP spindle, through spindle coolant, Renishaw control & 24-station auto tool changer
  • Hardinge 1250II: Vertical machining center, X-50’’ x Y-26’’ x Z-25’’ travel, 22 HP spindle, dual speed gearbox, through spindle coolant, Fanuc OIM control & 32- station auto tool changer
  • Haas VF-6: Vertical machining center, X – 64″ x  Y – 32″ x Z – 30″ travel, 30 HP spindle, through spindle coolant, Renishaw control & 24-station auto tool changer, and Rotary table.
  • Haas ST-30SSY: Turning center, 30 HP spindle, 3’’ bar feed capacity, 10’’ hydraulic chuck, 16’’ max cutting diameter, X – 12.5” x Y – ± 2” x Z – 23”, 24 station turret, radial and axial live tooling, programmable tailstock
  • Manual engine lathes (2) 16” x 40”
  • Series 1 Bridgeport (3) with digital readout
  • Willis 48’’ Radial Arm drill
  • Flex Arm Tap Arm (3)
  • Rigid 1224 Pipe threader


From simple angles to complex multi-bend parts our expertise and tooling can make the difference.


  • Bystronic: Xpert 80 5′ x 88 tons 9 axis CNC
  • Bystronic: Xpert 150 10′ x 150 tons 9 axis CNC
  • Bystronic: Xpert 200 10′ x 220 tons 9 axis CNC
  • Accurpress: 8’ x 130 ton 2 axis CNC
  • Accell: 12’ x 235 ton 9 axis CNC

Panel Bender

  • Salvagnini P4 w/ HPT loading


  • 36” 20 ga mechanical roll
  • Niagra 48” 14 ga mechanical initial pinch roll
  • WDM 60” 10 ga hydraulic digital readout initial pinch roll
  • Davi MCP9 Structural Section Roll 3/8″ x 3″ Angle capacity at 44″ diameter


  • Haeger 824 hardware inserter with vibratory feed


  • Hem VT100: CNC horizontal band saw, 18 x 20.75” max capacity with hydraulic bundle hold down with 60 degree auto miter and auto feed
  • Spartan IW66D Iron Worker
  • Bead Roller
  • Hand Beveling tools
  • Hand Graining tools



  • Fabrication of both small and large parts and assemblies
  • Laser cut fixtures for low cost and quick start up of projects
  • 12 manual and 3 robotic stations 

Robotic Welding

  • 1‐Lincoln Welding Robot
    • ARC Mate 100iD/12 w/ R-30iB Plus Controller
    • Power Wave® R450 w/ STT Module
    • Head Stock/Tail Stock positioner 2000 lb, 96" x 48" work area
    • 56" reach, heavy plate package, and seam tracking
      Image preview
  • 2 - Lincoln CRX 10iA Robotic Weld cells.
    • Power Wave® R450 w/ STT Module
    • 49" reach, heavy plate package and seam tracking

Manual Mig and Tig of Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel and Aluminum

  • 7- 300A Miller 350P digital Mig welders
  • 3-200A Miller 252 Mig welders
  • 2 - Lincoln Powerwave S500 Mig Welders with STT modules and dual guns
  • 1-350A Miller 350 LX Syncrowave Tig welder
  • 1- Stud welding unit

Spot Welding (Resistance Welding)

Number of additional support pieces and backup stations

Precision Fixturing Tables

  • Multiple Siegmund Precision Welding Tables



Deburring & Finishing

  • Edge finisher 
  • Numerous hand grinders and sanders to finish your smallest to largest parts fast and precise

Design & Engineering

With a highly trained and experienced staff, we can analyze your designs and offer recommendations for reducing cost and increasing manufacturability. From concept to finished part, our engineering team will be with you at every step.

Our engineers use …

  • Solid Works 3‐D solid modeling software
  • Global shop ERP integrated system
  • Bysoft Laser nesting and programing software that integrates laser programming and press brake programming directly from dxf of solid models
  • Stream automatic Panel Bender software to convert dxf and solid models into complex bending programs

File Types and Extensions

  • Solid Works: .SLDPRT ‐ .SLDDRW ‐ SLDASM
  • Solid File: .STEP ‐ .IGES
  • Pro-E Files: .PRT ‐ .ASM
  • Drawing Exchange File: .DXF
  • Solid Edge: .PAR ‐ .PSM ‐ .ASM
  • Drawing File: .DWG
  • Inventor Files: .IPT ‐ IAM
  • Unigraphics: .PRT
  • Cadkey File: .PRT
  • Catia Graphics File: .CGR