Precision Solutions for the Racking and Storage Industry

Unmatched Quality and Innovation in Custom Manufacturing for Racking and Storage Solutions

HyFlex Manufacturing is a leader in delivering precision manufacturing solutions specifically tailored to the racking and storage industry. Our unwavering commitment to quality, efficiency, and innovation ensures that our components provide the durability and reliability necessary for optimal storage and organization solutions. We understand the unique demands of the racking and storage sector and offer customized solutions designed to exceed industry standards.

At HyFlex Manufacturing, we offer a comprehensive range of advanced manufacturing services to meet the diverse needs of our clients in the racking and storage industry. Our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team guarantee precision, efficiency, and high-quality results for every project.

Precision Cutting, Automated Efficiency

Our laser cutting capabilities set the benchmark for precision and efficiency in the racking and storage industry. Equipped with state-of-the-art fiber lasers, HyFlex Manufacturing provides automated, high-speed cutting solutions capable of handling complex projects with ease. Our advanced systems ensure rapid order processing and exceptional quality. Featuring a 10 kW Bystronic Bystar Fiber laser and a 6 kW Bystronic Bysprint Fiber laser, we can accommodate materials up to 5’ x 10’ x 1” in size. Automated loading and unloading allow for continuous operation, while our automated quote-to-cut order entry system reduces processing time to less than 10 minutes. Seamless integration with our Global Shop ERP system ensures timely deliveries, even for last-minute orders.

Expertise in Forming Complex Shapes

HyFlex Corporation excels in forming complex multi-bend parts with precision and efficiency, which is essential for creating high-quality racking and storage components. Our cutting-edge CNC presses and panel benders, combined with extensive tooling expertise, enable us to manufacture components that meet the specific demands of the racking and storage industry. We utilize Bystronic and Accurpress CNC presses, as well as a Salvagnini P4 panel bender with HPT loading, to handle various material thicknesses and sizes. Our mechanical and hydraulic rolls and Haeger hardware inserter with vibratory feed enhance our capability to form intricate shapes efficiently and accurately.


Strong, Reliable Welds for Every Application

We offer both manual and robotic welding capabilities to produce strong, reliable welds that are essential for the durability and stability of racking and storage systems. Our advanced welding technology and expert technicians ensure precise, high-quality welds for both small and large assemblies. With twelve manual and three robotic welding stations, we specialize in welding carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The use of laser-cut fixtures allows for cost-effective and quick project startups, ensuring we meet the rigorous demands of our clients.

Comprehensive Services for Diverse Needs

Our comprehensive fabrication services cover all aspects of racking and storage system manufacturing, from cutting and shaping to assembling and finishing. Utilizing advanced equipment and techniques, we ensure each part meets the highest standards of quality and durability required by the racking and storage industry. Our equipment includes the Hem VT100 CNC horizontal band saw, Spartan IW66D iron worker, bead roller, and hand tools for beveling and graining. These tools and techniques enable us to deliver precision and superior results consistently.



From Concept to Completion: Innovative Solutions

Our design and engineering team collaborates with clients from concept to completion, ensuring designs are optimized for manufacturability and cost-efficiency. Utilizing the latest in 3D modeling and ERP integration, we provide innovative solutions and expert guidance to bring racking and storage projects to life seamlessly and efficiently. We employ SolidWorks 3-D modeling software, Bysoft laser nesting and programming, and Stream automatic panel bender software to support our design processes. The integration with the Global Shop ERP system allows for seamless project management, while our versatility in handling various file types ensures we can work with any client specifications.

HyFlex is dedicated to providing precision manufacturing solutions for the racking and storage industry. Our advanced capabilities in laser cutting, forming, welding, fabrication, and design & engineering ensure that we deliver durable, reliable, and high-quality components tailored to meet your specific needs. Partner with us to experience the HyFlex difference in precision manufacturing for the racking and storage sector.