Contract Manufacturing Solutions for Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, and More

Located in the heart of Indiana, HyFlex Manufacturing offers 85,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing space equipped with advanced fiber laser technology. Our mission is to serve a diverse range of industries with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Whether you're in agriculture, automotive, construction, or any other sector, HyFlex Manufacturing is your trusted partner for all your contract manufacturing needs.


Industries We Proudly Serve

Agriculture: Precision and Durability for Farm Equipment

At HyFlex Manufacturing, we understand the critical role that durable and reliable equipment plays in the agriculture industry. Our precision manufacturing solutions ensure that every component we produce meets the highest standards of durability and performance. From structural parts to essential equipment components, we’re committed to helping farmers maximize their productivity and efficiency.

  • We've partnered with a leading agricultural equipment manufacturer to produce precision components for their high-performance tractors. Our durable parts withstand the rigors of farm work, ensuring reliable operation in demanding conditions.

Automotive: Safety and Reliability on Every Road

The automotive industry demands precision, safety, and reliability. At HyFlex Manufacturing, we deliver all that and more. Our precision-engineered parts and components are crafted to meet the strictest industry standards, ensuring that every vehicle on the road is safe and reliable. We take pride in contributing to the safety and performance of the vehicles you trust every day.

Light & Medium Duty Truck: Robust Solutions for TransportationDriver-changing-gear-538502

Our expertise in manufacturing extends to the light and medium duty truck sector, where robust and reliable components are essential. HyFlex Manufacturing provides high-quality parts that meet the demanding needs of the transportation industry, ensuring that your trucks perform optimally and safely on every journey.


Construction: Strength and Durability You Can Build On

In the construction industry, strength and durability are non-negotiable. HyFlex Manufacturing offers a range of manufacturing solutions for structural components and equipment parts, designed to withstand the toughest construction environments. Our products help build the infrastructure that supports communities and economies.

  • We've collaborated with construction companies to supply structural components for high-rise buildings and infrastructure projects. Our durable parts provide the strength and durability needed to withstand the challenges of the construction industry.

Mobile Equipment: Specialized Solutions for Rigorous Demands

The mobile equipment industry requires specialized machinery and components that can handle rigorous demands. HyFlex Manufacturing is dedicated to producing parts that meet these high standards, ensuring efficient and reliable operation in a variety of applications. We’re here to support your mobile equipment needs with precision and reliability.

  • Our specialized machinery components are integral to the operation of heavy-duty mobile equipment used in mining and forestry applications. HyFlex Manufacturing's precision parts ensure optimal performance and reliability in demanding environments.

Material Handling: Efficiency and Reliability in Every Part

Efficiency and reliability are key in the material handling industry. HyFlex Manufacturing provides precision parts and components that keep your material handling equipment operating smoothly and effectively. Our solutions help improve productivity and safety in your operations.

  • Leading material handling equipment manufacturers rely on us for precision parts that keep their machinery running smoothly. From conveyor system components to lift truck parts, our solutions enhance efficiency and reliability in material handling operations.

Office Furniture: Quality and Functionality for the Modern Office

In the office furniture industry, quality and functionality are paramount. HyFlex Manufacturing’s capabilities include producing components that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. We cater to the diverse needs of modern office environments, ensuring that our products enhance both form and function.

  • We've partnered with office furniture manufacturers to produce ergonomic components that enhance comfort and functionality in workplace environments. Our high-quality parts contribute to the durability and aesthetic appeal of modern office furniture.

Sports Equipment: High Performance and Safety for Athletes

For the sports equipment industry, performance and safety are critical. HyFlex Manufacturing is experienced in producing components for athletic gear that meet stringent performance and safety standards. We ensure that every part we manufacture contributes to the durability and reliability of sports equipment, supporting athletes in their pursuits.

  • Top athletic gear brands trust us to manufacture components for their sports equipment, including exercise machines and fitness accessories. Our precision-engineered parts meet strict performance and safety standards, ensuring athletes can train and compete with confidence.

Racking and Storage: Maximizing Space and Organization

Effective racking and storage systems are essential for maximizing space and organization. HyFlex Manufacturing offers precision solutions for racking and storage components, providing durable and reliable products that help you optimize your space efficiently. Our products are designed to support your storage needs with ease.

  • We collaborate with warehouse and logistics companies to provide precision racking and storage components that optimize space utilization and organization. Our durable solutions help streamline operations and improve warehouse efficiency.

At HyFlex Manufacturing, we don’t just make parts; we build partnerships. Our commitment to precision, quality, and innovation ensures that we can meet your specific needs, no matter how complex. Let us be your trusted partner in elevating your production. Contact us today to discover how HyFlex Manufacturing can support your industry with top-notch manufacturing solutions.

Why Choose HyFlex Manufacturing?

  • Advanced Technology: Our cutting-edge fiber laser technology ensures precision and efficiency in every part we produce.
  • Expert Team: Our skilled operators and engineers are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products.
  • Diverse Capabilities: From CNC machining to manual fabrication, we offer a wide range of manufacturing services.
  • Customer Focus: We are committed to understanding and meeting your unique needs, providing personalized solutions for every project.

Contact us today and let’s elevate your production together.