Advanced Powder Coating

Bigger Possibilities

All done under the roof of our 20,000 sqft powder coating dedicated facility, our processes have lead industry benchmarks, trusted in technology, manufacturing, agricultural equipment, and automotive sectors across the country. Experience our precise 5-stage pretreatment, efficient bake oven, strong conveyor, and capable production line, all supported by lot control data.
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Our powder coatings include custom and RAL colors, from classic to vibrant shades. Choose from hundreds of colors to make your product stand out.

Our coatings are ideal for automotive, electric vehicles, alternative energy, appliances, fabrication, furniture, and fitness equipment. Browse our colors below and contact us for custom options.

Efficient Powder Coating

HyFlex Manufacturing stands out in the industry for its innovative approach to powder coating, particularly in its use of a combined Infrared (IR) system with a bake oven. This method offers numerous advantages, resulting in a superior and more efficient powder coating finish.